Automated Audit Scheduling


  • To assess the overall effectiveness of a your business’s compliance practices and procedures.
  • To uncover intentional or unintentional weaknesses or deficiencies in the compliance program.
  • To assigned corrective actions to correct any deficiencies and set a time frame to conduct a follow-up audit specifically to determine whether the business has made the required corrections.
ARMD Virtual Compliance Manager™ includes online compliance audit functions that will initiate a audit task to your Chief Compliance Officer or other responsible senior manager on an established reoccurring basis . Each audit assignment includes a Due Date and provides completion reminders to the CCO. Once audit and findings are completed, the audit document along with any relevant supporting documentation (e.g. corrective actions) can be uploaded for archival purposes. In the event an audit is not completed by the required Due Date, escalation notice is automatically provided to the COO’s supervisor for appropriate follow-up.